Sep 9, 2010

Lake Powell

What a great family reunion in Powell! Thanks for the fun, laughs, and memories!
(For more pics go to individual blogs)

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May 16, 2010

Remodel Pics

Just some pics of the new floor. It looks grrrreat!

Apr 9, 2010

Our Missionary

We dropped Kelli off at the MTC on Wednesday afternoon. Can't believe she is finally on her mission!!!! We are so proud of you, Kelli! We know you will make an incredible missionary and touch many lives in the process. Matt had a cake sent the next day that said, "Happy Birthday Sister Hansen" atop with candles and a card. Thanks, Matt!


Laughs (she was so happy that day):
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Apr 1, 2010


The new Island in the kitchen, we finally have a hidden trash can! now the babies wont get in the trash :)

the other side of the island

the stove area

cant wait until it's finished

and the best...the pantry...and the new oven is in and works GREAT!!

Mar 25, 2010


This is the new pantry wall. There is an oven microwave combo going in. To the left of the door is where the fridge is going

The wall of windows is gone! It has been a sad/happy experience. It looks really nice, but there is no more baking in the sun sitting on the counter top

The new island and the stove is in the same spot

The new and improved office. The big ugly window is gone and now there are actually cupboards!

Feb 22, 2010

Blast from the past

All I have to say is...the infamous duck has returned!

HHHMMMRRRRRRRMMEEEWWWW We couldn't not include Allie cat...I mean she was part of our family after having I don't even know how many kittens. She loved us so much it took dropping her off in the middle of no where TWICE for her not to come back. Here she is with (fromt he left) Boopy, Homockers, Betty, Judy, & Presious. If you think I remembered all those names I wish...Holli wrote on the back of it.

Matt claims to have no recollection of this "Brother for Sale" skit Dani and I did for christmas one year, and he says we didn't tie him up. Well Matt, here's proof for you! I knew we would find this picture sometime.

This is Jeni changing Jaimi...i mean Ethan changing Charlotte. We have a better shot but I just don't think Jaimi would want that on the web. haha

Feb 8, 2010